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Joshua L. Halderman, Inc. is a GSWCC level IA certified, professional land services company that has been serving the Northeast Georgia area since 2003. We serve both residential and small commercial markets, as well as land owners and real estate agents. Don't trust your projects to companies that have the machinery, but lack the experienced operators for it. Inefficient, inexperienced operators lead to wasted time and money. Joshua L. Halderman, Inc. was built on an owner/operator basis, so we know all about efficiency. We care about each customer and understand everyone has a different budget. But please understand there is cheap and then there is value. Value is showing up when you say, offering a better solution to the customers situation when possible, being more efficient when possible, being concerned with customers' problem onsite, many times treating job as if it were ours. We offer value to our customers. 

 I explained to one developer that he wasn't saving money with a cheaper per hour rate because the overall costs were more than with my cost per hour being higher. Being experienced and efficient and being concerned of the customers job cost creates better value for customers. Most people think when comparing hourly rates that the cheapest per hour will come out the best value, false. When comparing hourly prices it has to do with operator experience, who cares about the customer and uses efficient ways to complete job, is looking to build a name for the future, not gouge customers. Many stories of the cheapest hourly rate cost more when the job is finished because they're burning the clock, or sometimes bigger companies has employees that are inexperienced/don't care because it's just a paycheck to them or don't have a clue about running a job with their part of the construction process.

We have general liability, Workman's comp., and are completely insured. We offer a wealth of experience and expertise in our areas of construction.

Joshua L. Halderman, Inc. usually works by the hour but does some bid jobs as well.   Joshua L. Halderman, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to get your job done, if not we will tell you up front if it's out of our experience and capability. Joshua L. Halderman, Inc. continues to offer a great job at an honest price and strives to give the customer the best job their money can buy.  

Call today!   (678) 227-2976

*Service area is northeast  and east middle GA
. Have worked as far as Augusta, GA- Greenville, Lowndesville, SC.- Sylva, NC

*Always call 811 for a utility locate 3-5 business days before a contractor opens ground. You and the contractor need to know what is underground and where, to prevent damage and costly repairs.

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